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Be on the look out every 1-2 weeks for a new blog post about advocating for the arts! Blog posts can be a wide variety of topics, feel free to read about what interests you. I also challenge you to dive into a topic you don’t know much about! All posts should be a short read, never more than ten minutes. Scroll down to browse the posts!

Support the Arts with Knowledge

How much do you know about the arts in national policy? This post is a quick overview of what you should know in public arts policy.

ESSA: How it affects Music Education

Learn more about the Every Student Succeeds Act and how it affects music education in your own school districts. 

Gaining Community Support for your ORganization

The Detroit Symphony has a great relationship with their community. Read this to find our the secrets behind gaining community support. 

COVID-19 and the Creative Industry

Coronavirus has made a serious impact on the creative economy. Click here to read how we can support the creative industry with recovery policies

The 101 on Title IV Funding

Title IV is a great resource for arts educators to receive funding to support their students. Check out this post about the ins and outs of Title IV Part A funding!

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