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To simplify language used in arts policy so that more people can be involved in advocating for the arts.

about The Blog

This blog was created with the hope to encourage more individuals to be involved with arts advocacy and policy by making current policy issues easier to understand and get involved with. The arts are under represented in national and local law and need the voices of the community to push for funding and support. The best way to get involved is to get informed on the topics that are making the biggest impact on our communities.

This can be a daunting task to take on as one single person, but if we band together to show our support for the arts in our communities and arts education in public schools, we can make an impact in the policy we are seeing everyday. The hope for this blog is to create posts that are short and make it easy to get involved with arts advocacy. Please reach out if you have any ideas about what should be posted next!

About the Author

Ms. Solara Martin is currently earning her master’s degree in arts leadership and cultural management at Colorado State University. She recently received her undergraduate degree in music performance and a minor in business administration at the University of Central Missouri. While completing her undergraduate degree, Ms. Martin was in the top 20th percentile of her class academically and was actively involved in her program. As a music performance major, Ms. Martin managed to present five undergraduate recitals with a variety of music for clarinet and chamber ensemble and participate in the university’s Wind Symphony and Orchestra as concertmaster. 

In addition to performing, Ms. Martin also engaged with many of the music organizations within the University of Central Missouri’s music department. She served on the executive board of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), and Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI). Ms. Martin’s biggest achievement while completing her undergraduate degree was serving as the NAfME collegiate state president for the state of Missouri. Ms. Martin is currently studying in both the Arts Management and Clarinet Performance programs at Colorado State University. Upon completing her graduate degrees, her goal is to work with non-profit music groups and arts policy. 

The hope that she has for this blog is to make it easier to understand arts policy issues that are currently on the table. The more the public understands the issues at hand, the more likely they are to support the arts as an educated individual. She hopes to share her love and passion for the arts with the public while exploring her passion for arts policy.


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